A Guiding Light in a Digital World

Discover an ideal world for events, inspiration and networking 

When two stars come closer together, the combination of matter releases huge energies. The single star, which was barely perceptible before, suddenly shines incredibly bright. This phenomenon is known to astronomers as a nova. 

The name of our new event derives from this image. Two previously separate stars – the real trade fair INTERNET WORLD and the digital trade fair platform COMMERCE WEEK – will now shine for the first time in 2022 as “MOONOVA”. The moon depicts the human pioneering spirit and the spirit of discovery. Our goal is to create a new world for commerce and marketing in a digital world which will guide the entire industry into the future with its radiant force. 

What shapes tomorrow’s customer and the world of business?

Moonova_Themenblöcke_Customer Centricity
MOONOVA Themenblock 2 Sustainability
MOONOVA Themenblock 3 Digitalization
MOONOVA Themenblock 4 Business Transformation


Eine inspirierende Welt für innovative Köpfe

An inspiring world for innovative minds 

A place where the future of digital commerce and marketing evolves 

MOONOVA is aimed at all decision-makers and doers in marketing, sales und products, who deal primarily with digital sales and the marketing thereof. Besides the central highlight event, it will be prolonged further on the basis of an all-year-round, digital education and event platform. 

With the focus on inspiration, know-how and on valuable exchange in order to drive business success onwards as a company in a customer-centric, sustainable and positive manner.  


Inform, inspire and connect

We are the launch pad for retail and marketing of the digital future 

MOONOVA unites the best of two worlds: the digital platform COMMERCE WEEK and the INTERNET WORLD EXPO as a leading live event. 

The result is both a virtual and physical platform as a content and community hub that informs, inspires and connects those active in the world of commerce and marketing.

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